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Technology Training for Different Devices

At Taylor Tech Solutions LLC, we help our customers in Chicagoland and nearby areas to develop their understanding and knowledge of mobile or technology devices. This way, they can have peace of mind when they use their gadgets. Sign up for our programs today.

List of Services

  • Bluetooth connection to car from phone
  • Email setup
  • Fix any software glitch
  • Help downloading apps
  • iTunes account setup
  • Recognizing fraudulent emails
  • Recognizing fraudulent websites
  • Removing laptop viruses
  • Teaching how to clear apps and space on phones
  • Training how to research all questions
  • Training on sending and receiving photos
  • Training on texting
  • Training on video chats
  • Video upload training
  • WiFi set up training
  • And much much more...

Giving You Full Attention

We provide one-on one consultations. One full hour is dedicated to addressing your individual technology needs with smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Call us today for specialized pricing.

Group Programs

We offer group programs that last an hour. These sessions are held at a local center or facility. Group rates are also available for churches, independent living facilities, libraries, schools, and other places that baby boomers might frequent.

Free Quotes and ​Estimates

We provide quotes and estimates at no additional cost. Simply call us today to take advantage of this offer.

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